Beth Whitley
Intuitive Consultant

So glad you found me here on the internet!  I love helping people improve their health and wellness as an Intuitive Consultant.  Combining years of life experiences, multiple energy healing modalities and tools, I teach love, guide faith and heal hearts.  My goal is to help empower you to be your best You!

I started my professional career in the medical field and spent over 15 years in the corporate arena.  As a business development consultant, my intuition and professional acumen were crucial in the day to day operations of a growing multi-million dollar business.  I learned many life skills and enjoyed my time in Corporate America, but I yearned to have a child. In 1998, I stepped out of my corporate career to start my family and my consulting business.

My journey has taken me down many paths, introduced me to many people and taught me many life lessons.  Through these years of working with people to improve their physical, emotional & spiritual issues, I have gained the insight into our energy centers and how our daily activities can affect them.  My unique skill set of intuitively combining energy healing, crystal therapy, and essential oils offers a variety of modalities to help you improve your well-being.

I am a Native North Carolinian!  I was born in eastern North Carolina and have lived in Cary, North Carolina for the past 32 years.  We love the coast and will be relocating to Emerald Isle, North Carolina permanently in the summer of 2019.  A passion and a purpose in my life is to bridge the gap between our modern day corporate religion and the ancient practices of healing that Jesus walked this earth teaching.  It really is all centered around our love for ourselves and our love for others. I hope our paths cross and we can walk part of our journey together!

Peace & Love,