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Intuitive Consulting

We often find our emotional, physical and/or spiritual well being out of balance creating havoc in our lives. I believe we have the ability to find answers within ourselves and my goal with intuitive consulting is to guide you along that inner journey.  

    Intuitive Consultation

    My insight is not about predicting the future, it is focused on providing insight to empower you to see the paths and choices you have in order to move forward in your life. Often the messages will affirm what you already know, as they are messages from your higher self.

    The guidance you receive will always come from a place of peace and love. I will encourage you toward soul healing opportunities that allow you to be the best YOU!

    • I offer loving, intuitive guidance, supporting you to move through your challenges.
    • I give insight on how to remove life blocks and step forward to embrace your purpose.
    • During an intuitive consultation, I function as a clear channel to help you connect to your higher self and personal guides. 

    Intuitive Energy Balancing
    & Consultation

    I am certified in many different energy balancing modalities and I allow our consultation time together to determine which is best for you. Our body is an amazing vessel of energy. It has inner energy pathways known as chakras and an outer energy field, known as the aura. When these are out of balance, you are more likely to experience emotional or physical “dis-ease”…in one form or another. 

    This type of session includes consultation time before and after what I lovingly call “Table Time”.

    • Once we have discussed your intentions for the session, you will relax, fully clothed at the treatment table. 
    • I check the flow of energy through your chakra system at the beginning and the end of each session.
    • I use Reiki, crystals, sound, & intuition to guide energy to help clear blocked or stuck energy.

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    In the words of my clients...

    "Beth was a master at helping me see clearly what I wanted to manifest! "


    "I was looking for peace and a way to help myself.  Taking the certification through Beth was a fabulous decision."


    "Beth's mentorship has allowed me to feel that I have a trusted partner in my ascension process, and the personal progress that I have achieved through her guidance has been nothing short of phenomenal."


    "Beth's intuitive insights, knowledge of alternative medicine resources, and healing modalities are absolutely phenomenal. I have worked with her as my spiritual mentor and friend for 13 years. It has been beautiful to watch her expand her talents in service to others year after year.

    All the while, she has continued to develop along her own spiritual path and deepen her relationship with God. That integration of education, experience, and faith make her an incredible modern-day medicine woman."


    "My son was going through a difficult time in his relationship and his girlfriend was pregnant at the time. My consultation with Beth helped me understand some of the deeper issues that were not known to me at the time of the consult but came to light within two weeks. I was astonished by the accurate details she shared and by the private facts she honed in on that even I did not know about at the time we met. 

    My consultation was very accurate and helpful. It helped me come to terms with my sadness of not becoming a grandma at this time. She conveyed the need for me to unblock my communication and share information with my son to help him move forward as well. 

    Beth provides a safe and relaxing environment during her consultations and is very respectful of her clients needs. "


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    Teaching love, guiding faith, and holding sacred space for opening hearts.

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