teaching love, guiding faith and healing hearts

Beth Whitley

Hello and Welcome!  I am Beth Whitley and I’m so glad our paths have crossed.

I teach love, guide faith and heal hearts. 

My goal is to help empower you to be your most joyful and authentic self by identifying where you are on your spiritual journey based on your life experiences, beliefs, and traumas.

I provide the tools  and resources to help you understand why you’ve had the experiences you have had and how to break any negative patterns that are inhibiting you from living your best life.

Beth Whitley
Reiki Healing


In Person or Long Distance

Healing sessions and/or Certifications


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"Beth was a master at helping me see clearly what I wanted to manifest! "


"I was looking for peace and a way to help myself.  Taking the certification through Beth was a fabulous decision."


"Beth's mentorship has allowed me to feel that I have a trusted partner in my ascension process, and the personal progress that I have achieved through her guidance has been nothing short of phenomenal."


"I highly recommend a session with Beth! She is truly gifted, straight forward, and reliable."

Heather E

"Beth's intuitive insights, knowledge of alternative medicine resources, and healing modalities are absolutely phenomenal. I have worked with her as my spiritual mentor and friend for 13 years. It has been beautiful to watch her expand her talents in service to others year after year. All the while, she has continued to develop along her own spiritual path and deepen her relationship with God. That integration of education, experience, and faith make her an incredible modern-day medicine woman."

Heather R

"My son was going through a difficult time in his relationship and his girlfriend was pregnant at the time. My reading with Beth helped me understand some of the deeper issues that were not known to me at the time of the reading but came to light within two weeks. I was astonished by the accurate details she shared and by the private facts she honed in on that even I did not know about at the time of the reading.  My reading was very accurate and helpful. The reading helped me come to terms with my sadness of not becoming a grandma at this time. She conveyed the need for me to unblock my communication and share information with my son to help him move forward as well. 

Beth provides a safe and relaxing environment during her readings and is very respectful of her clients needs. "

Shelly D

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Peace. Love. Faith. Light. You can have it, you do deserve it.