Ending of a Decade

Where were you 10 years ago?  or 20 years ago?  Who remembers all the hoopla around the end of 1999?  At times it seems like yesterday and at others, it seems like an eternity!  I am sure there are many of you that can relate to those feelings.

As we close out this decade and prepare for the next, I invite you to reflect on the “Things” that stand out over the past 10 years:  the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly!  The “Things” that brought you JOY.  The “Things” you thought would break you in half.  The “Things” you thought you would never get through.  The “Things” that kept repeating themselves.  All of the “Things”…

The “Things” are just that…”Things”!  They are meant to help you along the journey your soul set out on before your human body came to earth.  These are all “Things” to help us grow and brighten our Light!  WE mapped these out for ourselves along with the others “Doing Life” with us!  It’s our story…and it’s theirs.

When you can look at any situation  as “this is happening FOR me, not TO me”, it helps reset the mind allowing you to SEE it as the lesson YOU wanted to learn.  This has been the single thought most helpful to me over the past decade.  Knowing the journey is mine to experience, learn and teach has been freeing in so many ways!

Glad you have joined me on my journey!  I have so much planned for 2020 and I hope you will continue  with me to share on this path called Life!  Reach out if you would like to learn more about how I can help you along your journey!