Witchy Event at the Zen Zone

October 30th | 6-8pm

Join us for an evening of Potion Making and Ecstatic Dancing.

Showing off my new space and teaming up with Anne-Marie to bring some witchy fun to the island! 

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This is a night to honor the Inner Witchy Goddess in each of us!  We just wanna Dress Up, Howl at the Moon, and DANCE with all our Witchy Sisters…anyone else? HOOOOWWWWLLLLLLL

It will be a great beginning to the Full Moon weekend! Ann-Marie will be leading our Circle of Witches at The Zen Zone.  The Circle is created to build us up and empower us during this second Full Moon in October.  We will Dance & Meditate, we will Let Go & Forgive!  

So what is Ecstatic Dancing?

It’s a movement meditation, a trance, a safe place to express yourself.

There are 3 rules while on the Ecstatic Dance Space. . .no shoes, no phones, no talking.

If you look up the word Ecstatic in the online dictionary it states, “a feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement. Involving an experience of mystic self transcendence.” And, if you look up the word Dance, it states, “move rhythmically to music. Move up and down lightly and quickly. Move in a quick and lively way”.


In a nutshell, Ann-Marie will be guiding this experience of happiness, movement, liveliness, and overwhelming sense of joy through music and meditation.

This is an IN PERSON, indoor/outdoor event, but hurry! There’s Only Room for 10 goddesses!

We plan to wear our witch’s hats and something fun to dance in.  Feel free to dress up however you feel called.  Our dancing will be inside The Zen Zone and weather permitting, we will gather outside after dance to bath in the light of the full moon.  Bring your favorite beverage and a chair for outside.

Registration is $25

Where It’s At

This Indoor/Outdoor event will be at The Zen Zone, 8752 Reed Street, Suite 7, Emerald Isle, NC. 

Space is limited to 10 goddesses to maintain our witchy distance, so act fast to reserve your space!