The Power of Intention

Let me start with I Love to Travel, but I do not Care for Airplanes!  As I started my latest journey out west, I knew I needed space!  I am not a light packer, so I always need space beyond my tiny little airplane seat.

So as my friend and I are toasting our travels we set the intention we would have space to spread out.  I love flying Southwest Airlines because you get to pick your seat (the flight attendants are hilarious with that one).  So I boarded first and found my isle seat, spreading ALL my things out and stating “this seat will be empty for our travels today”.  And as you can see in the photos, it was empty for both flights!  A great start to a fabulous trip!

But…more on the trip later…the point of this post is to remind us about the Power of our Intentions.  We have angels and guides all around us waiting to help!  The only thing we have to do is surrender CONTROL and ask!  It’s hard to let go of the control, but it really is as simple as asking with the faith it will happen.  Our thoughts and words carry more power than we give them credit.  So be mindful that you are setting the intentions of what you want when you speak.

There are many lessons in this for me…and I suspect for you too!  Not all of my wishes and intentions have come to fruition the way I had envisioned, but they have manifested in ways that are in my best interest and for my highest good.

So won’t you release a little control and set some positive intentions for yourself.  You might find out just how easy and freeing it is!