“Two years ago I began a self-discovery journey that led me straight to Beth and I couldn’t be more grateful!  As I embarked on a path to discover a way to live, heal, and grow in alignment with my true self, I found Beth’s wisdom to be an invaluable support.

I started with taking her Chakra class and not only did it solidify what I already knew, but she opened a deeper understanding of my energy and its connection to the energy of the universe. I left her session with a renewed commitment and several supporting tools to help me continue my growth. It was in this session that I discovered my connection to healing and health through energy and essential oils.

My true energy healing foundation began with Beth through her Reiki training.  As the Chakra class opened my mind, the Reiki training opened my entire being and touched my very soul.  In Beth’s class, she provides the legacy of Reiki, the technical aspects and practices, the attunements, but most importantly she shares her personal wisdom and light.  Beth has such a strong awareness that she easily becomes the faucet from where her spirit can flow and this is what makes her classes invaluable.  I have now completed the Reiki II attunement and it has transformed my life.  I have found emotional, physical, and spiritual healing that has impacted my entire being and that of my family. 

The Reiki attunements I received from Beth renewed my awareness to using essential oils to heal.  I dabbled with my use of oils over the past few years, but couldn’t seem to find a grounding in how to use them for healing.  Fall of 2017 started a whirlwind of stressful and traumatic situations resulting in severe gastrointestinal and atopic dermatitis problems. I was seeing three specialists and taking seven prescription medications for a litany of issues: GERD, ulcers, anxiety, perimenopause, eczema, and various atopic dermatitis diagnoses.  I knew there must be a better way to heal and Beth came to my rescue once again.  In addition to Reiki, Beth used the Digestive Protocol for Symphony of the Cells.  Through this healing process, she taught me about essential oils in a way that has provided me with the grounding in their use that I had been searching for.  My life has been transformed yet again.  Within three months I was off all of my prescription medications and have replaced all over the counter medical support as well. Not only did Beth help my body to heal itself, she instilled a desire within me to heal others.

Beth gave me a way to work through several stressful situations and move through a time in my life that could have had deep negative outcomes.  Instead, with her guidance and training in energy healing through awareness, Reiki, and the use of essential oils, I have a stronger marriage, emotional well-being, and overall health.”