“I was looking for peace and a way to help myself.  Taking the certification through Beth was a fabulous decision.  She is an amazing teacher who provides what you need.  There is support and a level of professionalism that made me feel comfortable right away.  It was an amazing and eye opening experience.  I’m eager to continue to work up thru Master Level.”


“I have been in business for six years, surviving the dreaded “most business fail in the first five years” stigma…However, after five years, I felt the rut that I was in and could not see how to move through it!  I am also a services provider at my Wellness Center and knew it was time to start moving out of that and into a more “owner presence” in the business. But again, could not see the HOW!

Beth was amazing!  With her savvy business experience and amazing intuitive skills, she was able to coach me through the process and do so in a way that was do-able for me.  She knew my abilities to be pushed outside my comfort zone, but also knew my limits. She pushed me in areas that I needed and in doing so opened many new opportunities I did not know existed.  She was able to show me how to achieve the ones that I longed for and incorporate the new ones into my business plan.

Beth worked with my physical space, my staff and me personally to help clarify what I wanted to manifest for my business.  I am starting to see my goals manifest into reality! She helped me create a Crystal Grid that started working very quickly.  I am amazed how quickly! More importantly than helping create the grid was to help me clarify what it was I wanted!  Most of us know what we want but it is difficult to articulate that with clarity.

We need to be specific in what we want, Beth was a master at helping me see clearly what I wanted to manifest!  She helped guide me to write my intentions and select the crystals that would support those areas of my life. Beth’s consulting was a GREAT investment for me allowing the changes I needed for my business to continue to grow and prosper!  I highly recommend her!!!”


“I will never forgot the first time I was given a crystal.  I was 38 and I thought what the hell is this?  It wasn’t until a few months later I began to do some research and further education thru books and using Beth as a resource.  She opened up a whole new world to me.  A world that allowed me to begin to take control of my own life.  I now have an abundant collection.  It’s a strange concept to be able to share with someone about rocks and crystals.  You need to be open to a different modality.  It may take time and that is ok, but trust the process.”


“Beth has conducted both Reiki I and Reiki II attunements on me.  Her personal style is what has made the experiences truly remarkable.  She carefully and methodically lays out the entire process and guides one through all of the expectations in order to create a comfortable path that creates a beneficial experience in the moment as well as afterwards during processing of the attunements.  Her mentorship has allowed me to feel that I have a trusted partner in my ascension process, and the personal progress that I have achieved through her guidance has been nothing short of phenomenal.”


“I have contacted Beth for intuitive consulting services for almost a decade.  Beth always provides me with clear, direct and insightful information, often on many complicated issues I have struggled with.  She has helped me to broaden my view of my issues with consideration of my life path and patterns repeating in my life.  She has helped me to address career and personal issues and to remove blocks inhibiting my soul’s purpose.  I appreciate her foundation in Christianity and her deeply spiritual, compassionate care.  I highly recommend a session with Beth!  Also, her knowledge of essential oils for medical issues and emotional balance is amazing!  She is truly gifted, straight forward, and reliable.”