Moonology In-Person Discussion – Full Series 2021


Monday In-person Discussion Schedule from 6 to 8pm at The Zen Zone

Discussion Dates: Individual Discussion Fee

January 11 (Jan 13 New Moon) $25

February 8 (Feb 11 New Moon) $25

March 8 ( Mar 13 New Moon) $25

March 29 (Apr 11 New Moon) $25

May 3 (May 11 New Moon) $25

June 7 (Jun 10 New Moon) $25

June 28 (Jul 9 New Moon) $25

August 2 (Aug 8 New Moon) $25

August 30 (Sept 6 New Moon) $25

October 4 (Oct 6 New Moon) $25

October 25 (Nov 4 New Moon) $25

November 29 (Dec 4 New Moon) $25

Total Individual Class Value for 12 Discussions $300

Register for 2021 Moonology Series (12 In-person Discussions) $240 (save $60)

After we start you can Register for 3-6 Discussions $22 / Discussion

Click here to register for the 3-5pm Online Discussion on Zoom


Moonology Discussion Series starts January 11, 2021 with both Online and In-Person options to join.  Once per month, we will meet to discuss the coming New Moon, the Full Moon and how to align the moon’s energy with your energy to prepare for the month ahead.


We will use Yasmin Boland’s Moonology Diary to journal and record each month’s moon phases. (Click here to purchase on Amazon)

Since we are not all born at the same time & in the same place, the moon will affect us in different ways.  Our Discussion Series will provide guidance, references and community of like minded people.  Meetings are on Mondays Online via Zoom from 3-5 and In-Person at The Zen Zone 6-8pm.


The fine print…

  • One fee does not register you for both Discussions on the same day.  I hope to create a community within the groups that bond them together like the other book discussion ladies have done.
  • Online Zoom recording is available for 1 week (until the next recording is shared).  The Goddess Group is the only ones that will have access to both groups.  They will help with the conversation in both groups.
  • You do not have to have the books to join the Discussion, but it offers a lot of guidance.
  • One $25 class fee can be applied to the full year registration if you decide after 1 you want to join us
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