An intuitive consulting session can be helpful for people concerned about their health & well being. When we find our emotional, physical and spiritual well being out of balance, it can create havoc in our lives. Sometimes we reach a point where we feel anxious or concerned about something occurring in our lives; or we are hoping to change a situation that is blocking our lives or causing a pattern to repeat. An intuitive consulting session can help with issues concerning your health, wealth, purpose, career, relationships, and/or spiritual growth.

Intuitive Consultations–Business Planning

$90 1 Hr Consultation
$60 1/2 Hr Consultation

As a business owner in today’s competitive business arena, you need to be able to make critical decisions. A traditional approach applying logic and analysis only provides partial answers. A successful business is part logic and part gut instinct. Often, business owners need assistance making decisions and changes to their business model when they are unable to see past financial and physical roadblocks. Sometimes it’s because they are too close to the issues or perhaps they have fallen into the mindset of “we’ve always done it this way.”

I have worked with many business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s. My intuitive gifts in combination with over 30 years in corporate business development, I provide clarity and insights to help you realize your objectives quickly and effectively. I can assist you in growing your business to the next level by giving you critical intelligence – intuitively gained. My insight and professional skills will provide you with practical intuition for success.

We will work together to:
– Assess your current business model
– Help You set goals and intentions
– Help You make successful employee retention and hiring decisions
– Determine marketability of new and existing products and services
– Assess your business space and suggest modifications for improvement
– Offer project management if space improvements are needed

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Crystal Grids for a New Business or Improved Business

$90 1 Hr Consultation
$60 1/2 Hr Consultation
Add Cost of Crystals & Grid Supplies

Do you want to increase the productivity and revenue in your business? Do you wish to attract a certain type of employee or customer? Do you wish for a new partnership to help elevate your business to the next level?

I can guide you in creating a crystal grid to assist in generating abundance and growth in specific areas of your business. Sometimes a business can suffer from lack and stagnation causing a decrease in the flow of your business. In this unique and effective service, I will help you write your intention statement and discuss with you which specific crystals you will need to attract the type of abundance you seek.

Here are some options for completing your business grid:
You can use your own crystals and stones. If you already have crystals you enjoy working with, I will advise you on which of them to use for your manifestations.
I can purchase and provide the crystals you need. I will pass along the cost of the crystals and supplies to you.
I can create a shopping list for you to enjoy your own crystal shopping spree.
I have some favorite Rock Shops nI will include with my list for you to check out and purchase on your own.

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Intuitive Consultations–Personal Readings

$90 1 Hr Consultation
$60 1/2 Hr Consultation

I offer loving, powerful intuitive guidance, supporting you to move through your challenges. I give insight on how to remove life blocks and step forward to embrace your purpose. During an intuitive consulting session, I function as a clear channel to help you connect to your higher self and personal guides. My team of higher guides and angels show me – in my mind’s eye – pictures, images, guides, metaphors that will help you to understand the messages from Spirit you are meant to know.

My insight is less about predicting the future and more focused on providing insight to empower you to see the paths and choices you have in order to move forward in your life. Often the messages will affirm what you already know, as they are messages from your higher self. The guidance you receive will always come from a place of peace and love. I will encourage you toward soul healing opportunities that allow you to be the best YOU!

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Testimonies :
“I have contacted Beth for intuitive consulting services for almost a decade. Beth always provides me with clear, direct and insightful information, often on many complicated issues I have struggled with. She has helped me to broaden my view of my issues with consideration of my life path and patterns repeating in my life. She has helped me to address career and personal issues and to remove blocks inhibiting my soul’s purpose. I appreciate her foundation in Christianity and her deeply spiritual, compassionate care. I highly recommend a session with Beth! Also, her knowledge of essential oils for medical issues and emotional balance is amazing! She is truly gifted, straight forward, and reliable.” Heather

Space Clearing & Blessing

Free 15 min initial phone consultation
$90 1 Hr Consultation
$60 1/2 Hr Consultation
Standard Travel Fee $10 per visit (25 miles limit)

An estimate will be provided on case-by-case basis due to many variables. The estimate will include consultation time, travel time and gridding supplies.

Have you ever walked into a place and immediately thought to yourself, “WOW, it feels really weird in here”? Perhaps you felt so uncomfortable all you could think about was leaving? There’s a good chance the space you were in had a residual negative energy and needs to be cleared. Energy — positive or negative — affects not only our physical self but also the spaces and places where we live, work, and play. In homes, offices, buildings, land, and even furniture, energy can imprint itself as a positive or negative memory. This energy can affect the people that inhabit the space. When you clear the space of lower energy, you can improve the overall health and well-being of everyone who lives or works in it.

Suggested times to have a house clearing and blessing include:
– Before you market your home for sale
– Before you move into a new home or work place
– New businesses wanting to renew the space with purposeful and powerful intention
– After an emotionally difficult times such as a divorce, break-up, death, illness
– Your space has an unusual and constant feeling of gloom, dread, depression
– The space has a history of tragedy, illness or bad luck
– The people in the home/space suffer from low energy, depression, and anxiety
– A roommate or family member moves in/ out
– You think your space is being shared with an earthbound spirit
– Your space needs a fresh boost of energy like Spring cleaning!

A Clearing/Blessing Consultation will vary based on the factors being addressed and the size of the space to be cleared. During a Space Clearing, I use a combination of modalities to clear your space of unwanted or negative energies. Once the space is neutralized, I balance and bless the space. Part of the clearing and blessing ritual involves creating grids within and around the space with crystals and natural elements. This process centers and protects the space with positive, loving, nurturing energy.

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