Reiki Level III Master/Teacher Certification Class

February 24, 2019

In the Usui Reiki Level III Master/Teacher Class you will learn the final elements of Reiki.  These elements prepare you to fulfill the role of a future Reiki Master or Teacher.  The Reiki Level III Master/Teacher Class is for those seeking to deepen their personal development by making whole their spiritual understanding of Reiki and how to teach and attune others.

You will learn:
–  Review of Reiki I and Reiki II techniques
–  Receive the Reiki Level III Master /Teacher attunement
–  Instruction and practice of Reiki Master techniques
–  Achieve a complete understanding of all elements of Reiki
–  Learn the elements needed to teach Reiki professionally
–  Teaching guidelines & ethics of a Reiki Master/Teacher

Class Fee $500

Reiki Level III Master/Teacher Class Schedule
10:00 – 10:15 am     Registration
12:30 –  1:30  pm      Lunch
4:00  –  5:00  pm     Q&A/Practice